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Honey Extraction Solutions

Honey Extraction Equipment is Expensive.

The Beekeeper can spend several hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars depending on what they buy. New England Beekeeping carries new and used extraction equipment in our store. Come visti us for all your extraction needs.


Save on Shipping costs on your glassware. We carry many different honey jars. call ahead and your order will be waiting.

Rental Equipment

We Rent a 2 Frame stainless steel radial, hand crank extractor. Setup also includes a plastic uncapping tank, electric uncapping plane and a double-sieve for straining....Rental fee is $25 per day.

Save Time!!

Extract your honey in our professoinal extraction room. We will uncap your frames with you and spin them out in a 20 Frame extractor. The process is much quicker and you do not have to worry aobut getting your house all sticky. Just bring your honey supers and buckets. We sell buckets and honey jars if you need them.

(Please call ahead to schedule an appointent (978)-957-2233)


  • $50 minimum. $2.5/medium frame. $5/deep frame.
  • Wax/Wire frames must be cross wired.
  • Please call for more information - (978)-957-2233.
Typically the cost runs under 50 cents per pound.

*We reserve the right to charge extra for frames in poor condition as they take additional time to uncap.

*Crystalized honey in frames can not be extracted.

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